Vinita Blue Pride Band

IMPORTANT: Current High School Band members and their parents should download and join our group on the BAND app for current info. Information found below.


We still need some volunteers for the concession stand this season. This is an important fundraiser for us, but we do rely on parents, family and other supporters to staff it. Please click the "SignUp" link to the right if you can help.

Summer 2023 Rehearsal Info

Dear Blue Pride Students and Parents,

Summer has flown by and it’s nearly time for us to get back to work. We’ve got a good group of students returning and a great group of rookies. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and getting started with a great year for the Blue Pride Band.

Music is available on Google Classroom. If you’re not in the 2023 marching band class on classroom, email Mr. Young for the class code.

Drumline Rehearsal Drumline rehearsals will be held July 25 - 28 from noon to 3 PM. 

Full Band Rehearsals will be on Monday through Friday starting on Monday, July 31 and ending on Friday, August 11. We will work visual outside from 8-11:00 AM, take an hour for lunch, then work music inside from noon to 3. Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch or having plans on getting it. Students must have written permission before leaving campus in another student’s vehicle.

These rehearsals are extremely important. We will be learning show and stand music, marching fundamentals, and during the second week of full rehearsals, drill.  We need and expect everyone to be at all rehearsals. I do realize that there may be some absences that are legitimate. If you have any conflicts with the rehearsal schedule, please call or email as soon as possible. Being a member of the Blue Pride Band requires commitment, and sometimes personal sacrifice on the part of you and your family. When you miss a rehearsal, you are not only affecting you, but every other member of the band. Please let me know NOW if there are any potential problems. Students who miss rehearsals without talking with the director are not guaranteed a spot in the show. If your plans have changed concerning band for next year, please call or email so I can make adjustments to the roster.

NOW is the time to start preparing your body. Spend some time outside if you’ve been on the couch all summer. If your liquid intake is almost all pop, start switching to water. Start getting your wakeup time closer to 6 AM than it is to 6 PM.

Please remember to bring the following items to summer rehearsals:

* Water bottle - we’ll have a jug of ice water to refil from, but please bring a bottle or water jug.

* Hat/sunglasses - the sun is bright. Occasionally, it will be in your face. Come prepared.

* Sunscreen - Again, with the sun.

* Shoes - real shoes. It is not possible to march correctly in sandals or flip-flops. Barefoot is not an acceptable option.

* Pencil. Really a pencil. Every day, have a pencil.

* A great attitude.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. I certainly have and cannot wait to get back!

I’ll have an order form ready shortly for shoes and t-shirts. I have a box of previously used shoes in the band room as well, rookies have first shot at those.

Shirts: TBA; Shoes: $30.00

BAND app

NOTE: Only current High School Band members and their parents should join on the BAND app.

Please download and sign up to our group on the BAND app. This is an important communication tool for us and will be the "source of truth," for any event information you may need through out the year.

Click this link to join us on the BAND app:

You can also use the QR code below.